Ecostar is synonymous with state of the art technologies in the mechanical separation of waste and the waste materials sector. Thanks to Dynamic Disc Screening technology, many types of waste can be used efficiently today as clean fuels and energy sources.
Ecostar’s market is primarily manufacturers of waste disposal plants and those for the production of biomass, ecofriendly fuels and compost, renewable energy, and both public and private utility and multi-utility companies.

Dynamic Disc Screening technology, developed by EcoStar, employs a series of rotating discs to effectively separate waste materials based on size, shape, and density. This cutting-edge method allows for precise sorting of materials, resulting in higher purity levels in recovered materials and increased overall efficiency in waste management processes.

Key features and benefits of EcoStar's Dynamic Disc Screening technology include:

Precision Sorting: The rotating discs accurately separate materials based on their specific characteristics, ensuring precise sorting of recyclable materials from waste streams.

Increased Throughput: EcoStar’s DDS technology enables high throughput rates, allowing for the efficient processing of large volumes of waste materials in a shorter time frame.

Enhanced Material Recovery: By effectively separating materials, Dynamic Disc Screening technology maximizes the recovery of valuable recyclable materials, minimizing waste and promoting resource efficiency.

Versatility: EcoStar’s DDS technology is versatile and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different waste streams, making it suitable for a wide range of applications within the waste management industry.

Reduced Maintenance: The robust design and advanced engineering of EcoStar’s disc screens result in reduced downtime and maintenance requirements, ensuring continuous operation and optimal performance.

Sustainability: With a focus on sustainability, EcoStar’s Dynamic Disc Screening technology contributes to the reduction of landfill waste, the conservation of natural resources, and the promotion of a circular economy.

EcoStar’s commitment to innovation and excellence in waste management technology, combined with their Dynamic Disc Screening technology, positions them as a trusted leader in the field, offering efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions for waste separation and processing.

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