Yanmar Engine Manufacturing India Pvt Ltd (YEMI) is the fourth overseas engine manufacturing subsidiary of Yanmar group, Japan for TNV series vertical water-cooled diesel engines. YEMI Private Limited was formally registered and incorporated as an operating entity in 2018.

YEMI is located in the rural of Ponneri, Chennai with spread over of 129,300.16m2 with manufacturing area of 23,708m2 and employs about 200 direct and indirect professionals.

YEMI is equipped with the same production and quality control systems as those used in Japan to ensure high quality engine production. In addition, solar panels with a total annual output of approximately 1,380,000kWh have been installed. Together with the use of rainwater and greenbelts, the plant will utilize this renewable energy in its operation, greatly reducing its environmental impact.

Aligning to our mission of assuring Plentiful Food for all at all times, YEMI manufactures vertical water-cooled diesel engines in first phase, following 15 to 37kW engine range for tractors, construction equipment, and other applications for India as well as for the rest of the world.

For over a century, YANMAR has grown to become a major supplier of YANMAR branded industrial and marine diesel engines, diesel generators, micro cogeneration and gas heat pump energy system solutions, compact construction equipment and compact utility tractors, employing thousands of dedicated team members throughout the world.


  1. Overview:

    • Yanmar is a Japanese company founded in 1912, primarily known for manufacturing diesel engines, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, and energy systems.
  2. Product Range:

    • Diesel Engines: Yanmar is renowned for its compact and efficient diesel engines used in various applications, including marine, agriculture, construction, and power generation.
    • Agricultural Machinery: Yanmar produces tractors, combines, and other agricultural equipment.
    • Construction Equipment: The company manufactures construction machinery such as excavators, wheel loaders, and tracked carriers.
    • Marine Engines: Yanmar is a significant player in the marine industry, providing engines for boats and ships.
  3. Global Reach:

    • Yanmar operates globally, with a presence in various countries and regions.
  4. Sustainability:

    • Yanmar places an emphasis on sustainability, developing environmentally friendly technologies and products.
  5. Innovation:

    • Similar to Chicago Pneumatic, Yanmar focuses on innovation, incorporating advanced technologies into its products.
  6. Compact Construction Equipment:

    • Yanmar is known for its line of compact construction equipment, including mini-excavators and compact track loaders.


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