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M & J Recycling

M&J Recycling was founded in Horsens back in 1857 by merchant Johan P. Møller and blacksmith Søren Jochumsen. At that time, under the name Møller & Jochumsen, we contributed to the industrial revolution with the development and production of steam engines and, later, diesel engines. Today, we power the green transition by revolutionising waste management and turning waste into a resource that can either be recycled into new products or used as an alternative fuel instead of coal, oil or gas.

The circular economy

As a world-leading greentech company, we are working to solve the global challenge of growing waste volumes by providing technology that contributes to a more balanced and circular economy. This has been our stated goal since we started producing industrial waste shredders in 1988, and it’s still what drives us towards new breakthroughs every single day. With our constant focus on innovation and product development, we want to maintain and expand our position as a guarantor of the best waste shredding solutions on the market. Regardless of scale, fraction type and geographical location, our customers can expect shredders that are second to none when it comes to robustness, capacity, stability and quality of the end product.

Global outlook – local roots

We take pride in ensuring that all M&J shredders are ‘best in class’ when they leave our production halls. With our service offering – as well as our thorough training of our partners in operation and maintenance – we keep them in peak condition at all times. ‘With You All The Way’ is our mantra. We have a global outlook but always maintain a local anchoring, with a worldwide network of partners and service providers that grows every year. Being close to our customers is a core value for us because it gives us an in-depth understanding of their needs and individual preferences. And that means our customers can keep their production running – both for the benefit of their business and for a greener world.


Waste-to-energy (WtE) plants and energy-from-waste (EfW) facilities can improve energy efficiency and increase output by using higher-quality waste fuel. Optimally shredded waste provides continuous material flow that is needed for stable and efficient combustion.

Industrial Waste

For more efficient waste processing.

Waste shredders are machines utilized in recycling and waste processing applications. They can reduce various waste materials that differ in dimensions, sort, weight and composition to uniform shape and size for more efficient processing, storing and transportation. Waste shredders are available as stationary and mobile versions.

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